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Growth Mindset & Pains

Growth Mindset- the perspective of being a student in all life situations and using results or insights to gain a better gauge on inner sense of self. (my definition)

After being conditioned my whole life to jump from goal to goal and check off to-do lists, I felt really hungry for philosophical depth and the risk that comes with the learning process.

I saw adults settle, give up on their dreams, and become jaded. I immediately put myself in their shoes and realized that I wasn't going to let that happen to myself. I was on the cusp of choosing a traditional path or an alternative one.

I tried to fit in with the 9-5, follow the curriculum, and get things done for somebody else 's plan of how the world should be. I felt like a sausage with all this bursting potential being vacuumed into a tight casing.

The Secret Answer

It was all very simple for me, and this understanding may bring you some clarity.

Kids and old people are the happiest, calmest, and most carefree out of all age groups. I realized that expectations are the source of negativity!

Drop the expectations. Drop the negativity. Except, it's not so means re-wiring years upon years of conditioning centered around a fixed mindset.

Art really helped me. I would plan hours during the week to paint, read tarot cards or metaphysical books, sit at coffee shops to type essays, and wander aimlessly around New York City. I started to grow really fast and my mindset changed.

Writing, creating, strolling down the street, or shopping were never about attaining a goal! There was no expectation to be had and that realization changed the whole game for me.

I guess you could call me a creative. I don't like boundaries. I like to explore my inner depths and observe the insights that arise from the stillness of my silence.

Everyday I wake up and I am bombarded by thoughts about what I need to do and how I should function. But, every morning...I also do a few hours of spiritual practice (sadhana) to level me up to a growth mindset where my possibilities are endless and schedules are merely a tool for new experiences.

Here are a few ways you can tap into a growth mindset:

  • try to look at things and situations as tools rather than accomplishments

  • remove expectations when going into new experiences

  • do things for no reason, just because

  • ask people random questions, just because

  • see failure as a lesson rather than a conclusion


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