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Shifting out of scarcity

What is the noise in your mind?

The external world which consists of a constant need for entertainment, distraction, and drama is a reflection of the human mind’s naturally occurring functioning.

We are creating the noise in our lives based on the noise in our minds, it is important to realize this.

Survival is our first basic need. Behind survival is a desire to be alive, feel alive, and witness life. Most of us cannot see beyond survival into aliveness (presence).

Being stuck in the survival mindset can be applied to social media, compulsive dating, or any other compulsive activity. Mostly, a survival mindset leads to thinking patterns that force you to see the world as an obstacle course.

There is another way…the abundance mindset.

Questions may arise like, “How can I focus on abundance when I am struggling to feed myself?”

No matter what is happening in your life at any given moment, you have the opportunity to choose your mindset. This is Free Will.

We cannot control our external environments, even though we can minimize threats.

The Steps to an Abundance Mindset

1. Decide what you want

  • Do you want to live on the rat race treadmill your whole life, achieving pointless goals that waste your energy?

2. Begin to see things differently realtime

  • Without changing your life circumstances, shift your perspective to notice all the things that you ALREADY HAVE

3. Determine what you need and what you don’t need

  • Filter through your beliefs about the world, people, and yourself and compare them to #1: decide what you want

  • Remove and release what is not aligned

4. Work constantly on developing your abundance mindset

  • This will lead to a more present thinking state

  • You life will change dramatically

I write from experience. I went through this firsthand. My mind was filled with thoughts of “not enough” and “you failed”. Everywhere I went, this is what I saw, heard, and felt. I believe that many people have a similar experience due to the negative programming that was installed through upbringing.

I also happen to know that all of this is reversible, that you can determine who you are based on what you want. I am not the first person to uncover this, the hero’s journey has been successfully traversed by many individuals (most better known than me).

What I can offer you is a different approach to this process that may offer you another lens of observation. Let me give you some context:

I was raised in an immigrant household. My mom flew to the US after the Soviet Union crumbled, while pregnant with my brother Max. I was born shortly after.

What I learned in school was the exact opposite of what I learned at home. In some ways, I found the American curriculum to be easier, more liberating. However, what my mom taught me stayed with me forever. She taught me resilience, determination, and willpower. It wasn’t the flowy “you can do everything” attitude that made me who I am today.

I knew from a young age that I needed to be strong, that life is hard, and that the reward is love and family. I only made these connections recently, because I was stuck in the US propaganda about career mattering more than anything else for awhile.

Career doesn’t matter that much. Think of it this way, “Why would what somebody thinks of me determine my whole experience?”

Career is a metric of what the world thinks of you.

I started to ask myself in college, “What do I think of me? Who am I really?”

Of course, I was not who I thought I was. I am a vibrant, creative soul with loads of potential. Back then, I thought I was a failure. I would fixate on everything that was wrong with the world, with myself, and with others. I was always distraught over how things could never be perfect. In some ways, I rejected my humanity. And I did not reject my humanity in favor of spiritual divinity, I rejected it to be some high-performing, enslaved name on a resume.

I took back my humanity by feeling all of my emotions to depths I cannot describe in words.

What I learned was that I already had it all, that I was already so successful, and that my idea of failure was just the perfectly normal imperfection that comes with being human.

What I didn’t lose is the idea that willpower and determination are necessary to accomplish anything, even an abundance mindset.

You're going to have to strategize, do trial and error experiments, listen to loads of different teachers, and concoct your own mindset from what you have learned.

And hopefully, this mindset is growth supportive and self-loving.


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