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The Good Things are Free

Meditation is free, walks are free, good conversations are free, air is free, and outdoor workouts are free. Nature is free, or should be free. A "good life” is not a tangible product…it is a philosophical mindset.

Many of us have been confused by this “unworthiness propaganda”. It’s almost like an illness people can’t break free from.

From the moment you are born, you live under this perception that there is something that needs to be fixed - your body, lifestyle, or personality.

I started to see myself as enough and as perfectly adequate to enjoy life in that moment.

A two second mindset switch changed my whole life.

I am enough already. I try my best daily. I achieve my plans confidently.

I started to break free from limiting beliefs. It was hard and came with a lot of tears as I thought about all the ways in which my individuality had been suffocated.

My family comes from a socialist country, so it helped to view my conditioning from a global perspective rather than blaming individual family members. Some other interesting information unraveled itself…socialism or not, billions of people in the world live with egos created around unworthiness.

I was saddened to learn that Religion is not the opioid of the masses, Unworthiness is.

For a while though, religion has operated as a mask for the depression of inner morale and empowerment. The patriarchy used religion and fear politics to suppress individual empowerment.

Empowered individuals are more likely to make healthier and more budget friendly choices, instead of living through self sabotaging coping mechanisms.

Empowered individuals know that the best things in life are experiences that are facilitated by material resources. The material resources are a means to an end, therefore hoarding them is unnecessary. There you go, scarcity gone.

There is enough. We just can’t see it that way until we see how our mind has been programmed against us.

Individual empowerment is free too, even though it has been associated with the price tag of therapy.

Those philosophical questions are inside of your mind and you can ignore them all you want, but remember that your happiness is on the other side of introspection.

A day spent in nature is free. A day spent partying, buying clothes, eating at restaurants, and paying for other distractions is costly. And it’s the same day, the same body, but a very DIFFERENT outlook.


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