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The Root of Judgement, Control, & Manipulation

Judgement, control, and manipulation all share the same root - separating ourselves from another person for reasons none other than power gain.

The Solar Plexus is the ego center of the human energy system.

Many people do not realize that they can leave environments that make them feel uncomfortable. I learned this when I found myself seeking stressful situations to prove to myself that I could manage them. I left that cycle when I realized that I can choose who I associate with, the activities I participate in, and the things that I do.

Why not?

Judgement, control, and managing other people’s perceptions (manipulation) are unconscious self defense strategies that create a barrier to positive socialization and turn into self sabotage. This self sabotage aims at rejecting a part of yourself so as to prevent the pain of that person rejecting you in the future. Pain hurts less if we do it to ourselves.

The part that is rejected is the beautiful, successful, and abundant part of you.

Any rejection of another person is a rejection of yourself.

The solar plexus ( Manipura) is one of the most complex chakras, because a lot of its components are triggered by external situations and are formed due to societal norms.

People with unbalanced solar plexus chakras are not responsible for their defense mechanisms until they have enough time and space to heal the rejection, abandonment, and abuse that occurred in the early part of their lives.

*edited in 2023 - people are responsible for their defense mechanisms and healing journey

We see this in society as businessmen overcompensating for the pain within them with money, status, and power. They think that society will give them the merit their families did not. Quite frankly, they continue to attract individuals who mimic those unstable environments and enter a vicious cycle.

Healing this energy center requires owning defense mechanisms (judgement, control, and manipulation), extracting lessons from past situations and relationships, finding the rejected parts within, and creating a healthy relationship with the already successful part of you.

A lot of the time, deep healing comes with a perspective shift… it requires giving up one identity in honor of a more suitable, compassionate one.

This is the process of growth, emotional maturity, and self actualization.

We were born to give ourselves the love we never received.


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