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The Sacred Battle Within

The fight for your truth, the sacred battle of finding your voice and refusing to be defined by the ideas of others, is a courageous one.

I have always lived with passion, a fiery little one. I am still the same. But, it is hard to be this way when everywhere I look, I see settlement and limitation.

It is not that I am revolutionary or want to change the world. (Dictators should have taught us that this is a faulty purpose).

I know what is true. In my heart, I have always felt it.

I always knew when power games were in play, suffering could have been avoided, or situations were unjust. This energy sensitivity exists in all of us. Many of us shut it down, repress it, and ignore it.

Why? This is the most beautiful way to live. It is better to acknowledge the truth, even if you go the other way…because you will always be able to return to it.

As our hearts open collectively through tears and sweating, we begin to feel the true meaning of existence here. And we no longer have the strength to hide. We do not resist, we crumble and become vulnerable.

We see our wrongdoings and the trajectory they were taking us along. We ask forgiveness and wipe shame and guilt off of our slates. We ask God to help us with whatever is on our plates.

It may feel like you are losing something, but that is momentary. The sensations of being lost, misdirected, and unforgivable are temporary. They are tests.

We will all pass. I have full faith in this fact.

Accept the hands of support around you and begin to see the light in all beings around you.

Do not fear your shadow, but befriend and work with it to determine what is true for you.

Perhaps, what is true for you is not what you have believed. And that is ok, leave space for change and transformation.

Detach from the falsities that have kept you in bondage and illusion. Accept the toll of freedom and the agitation it brings to the mind.

Surrender to the power of the unknown and accept that you are a fleck in this cosmic existence.

You will feel a sigh of relief come over as your emotional baggage falls off.

You will say, “I told you so” in whispers, as you remember the people who shut down your ideas and beliefs as a child.

Reconnect to your roots, to the sensation of the womb you came from, and begin to unravel the concepts that have created a prison around your experience.

I figured you can find definitions and facts everywhere and I also figured that my heartfelt outpouring might be more useful. I am always here if you want to connect.

Anyways, love you guys

Liz Soko

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