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What is anxiety telling you?

What I’ve found with anxiety is that…it’s usually my soul telling me, “Look over here” or “Try this”.

If you’re disconnected from your soul, anxiety can feel crippling. Like a legitimate black hole.

It’s not though. It’s a portal.

The visual I received recently about spiritual expansion and creativity the other day was a person holding on to monkey bars for dear life.

Holding on to a mental structure. Holding on to an idea. Holding on to a person. Holding on to a situation. Holding on to an identity.

What if you let go?

You’d feel the impact for sure. You might get a bruise or twist an ankle.

You’d discover something else though. You’d discover that there’s a slide over there, another thing you can do, or maybe you’d leave and go to a different playground all together?

What if the monkey bar structure is what is making you feel ungrounded? What if you’re wasting your strength to hold on to something that doesn’t support you at all?

I’m like, “Let me go find a bench, listen to some music, write in my journal about my inner experience, or just walk around and see what life’s got to offer me.”

When you finally let go of the monkey bars, you’ll realize you can walk freely. But also, that your mind is used to and perhaps even addicted to that structure.

You may need a new one before you let go of that one. Maybe you need to get off and get back on, take a break.

What mental structure, person, or thing are you holding on to? In reality, everything thing is a mental concept ( a series of thoughts that connect to one subject).

Are your fingers blue yet?


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