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What's the point of creativity?

Fashion is just pictures. And maybe some parties.

We have fooled young girls into thinking it’s the marker of happiness. When in fact, it adds to the decline of mental health and confidence.

We have fooled young men into thinking that attracting women and having wealth that sits around instead of moving through society, is all that's worth fighting for.

Fashion and vanity are not the only things that should consume women’s minds. External success is not all that should dominate a man's mind.

I never saw fashion as something I couldn’t have. As a creative, I made it my lifestyle.

I’m not six foot or come from some hereditary power and wealth. I literally scrolled through instagram and saw things I liked and figured out how I could have them. I did that with information, successful people, events, and travel.

Manifestation to me means somebody simply pursued something they thought was cool or would make them happy. It comes in as long as you see yourself as worthy of it.

I was never told I could be successful or that my creativity was important. It was either money or appearance, the only two tickets to success. My drive for creativity was something that came from within and slowly (very slowly) became validated through the people in my life.

Art, well, I was told that contemporary art wasn’t real art. Only classical paintings and sculptures are real art.

I know what it’s like to push creatively in an environment that sees it as a waste of time.

Women need creativity to be fulfilled. It may be creativity in the house through cooking or dressing. It may outside of the house through career or charity.

Men need creativity.

What's the point of creativity?

I'm sure the toxic ideals of social media will once again dominate my thinking patterns, because it's literally everywhere. I will be sure to return to the source of my creativity, which is creating things of spiritual value.

And honestly, there’s a whole other level to this where you’re not a successful creative unless you’re really attractive. It really hurts my heart. There are so many talented people who don’t fall into some type of aesthetic. And they feel like their creativity isn’t worth it, because they won’t get anywhere.

Art isn’t supposed to get you somewhere - it’s supposed to give you direction as to where you’re going.


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