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You have nothing to prove

I’m sure you’ve noticed the internal and external changes that have resulted from the much needed healing space that we have been gifted with. But, the world is kicking back into action…how do we harness the positive momentum and continue the work of reconstructing belief systems and identities?

I have a clear message here for you: You don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

Have you ever stopped to think about where your thoughts are coming from or what they’re attached to? I happen to do this pretty often, and nine times out of ten…my thoughts are associated with constructing a social identity, keeping up with expectations, and matching the success of others. This is the outdated programming that is slowly begin to fall away.

The more I connect with my breath, body, and mind through yoga…the more I realize that it doesn’t matter what I can do for others or how I can better show off my assets. I am only concerned about my health and happiness, and the health and happiness of my loved ones.

Many of our complexes around giving and receiving are reactions to not having enough or lacking at one or more points in life.

I used to struggle with receiving or asking for support. This tendency came from feeling as if I always had something to prove. Most often, I felt the need to prove my strength or physical value.

I have aborted that cause, because I realized how subjective people’s preferences are and how little my true value has to do with their evaluations.

I decided to start evaluating myself based on what my heart felt and how my intuition communicated.

I urge you to do the same, in the name of inner peace and an aligned life.

Ask yourself the difficult questions, ask yourself whether you’re in a situation just because you think it makes you look good or honorable.

Chances are, this situation is not a source of fulfillment in your life.

Begin expanding your self definition and observing where your level of self worth originates.

Perhaps, you will begin to see that your self worth should be determined by you. And that shift in belief will change your entire mindset and preoccupation.

Anyways, love you guys

Liz Soko

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