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Authenticity & Vulnerability

Authenticity is a tricky subject, because the only real metric of how real someone is being is their energy. Energy doesn’t lie.

When you walk into a room and everybody acts like things are ok, but your heart feels all this pain and anxiety looming under the surface. That to me is inauthentic.

I am guilty of starting conflict or controversy. In my mind and in my heart, that stagnant energy under the surface needs to be released in some way. Confrontation is really the only way to manage inner and outer conflict.

And that’s how I feel about most subjects ( politics, sex, spirituality, and more ). A BIG release looms inside all of us, but the fear of judgement permeates our decisions to express our truth.

I am tired of covering up for people or feeding into false stories for the sake of everybody’s comfort. The truth is uncomfortable.

That’s something I noticed in the way I post social media content or express my truth. It’s been coming out in a repressed way. Even when I talk about “woke” topics, they are still very disconnected from my mind and my body.

Over the past year, I have done a lot of work on bringing spiritual truth down to my body vessel. But, I haven’t done enough work on being bold and strong enough to hold it up in the public eye.

So here I am. And this is raw. I write directly from my heart, typically it takes a bit of passionate fire and love to get my whole spectrum of emotion across.

Vulnerability (imo) is the ability to stand in your truth even when people cannot see it. From my experience, people will see it eventually and respect you tenfold.

Anyways, love you guys

Liz Soko

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