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Exploring the Spiritual Void

The strange depths of your mind are the void. It is not some geographical location in space that you astral project to.

The void is deep within you. It is also the birth canal that connects the identity you were born into with the identity you create for yourself.

Some spiritualists view emotions as a broad spectrum that adds up to wholeness. Others approach emotions from a nihilistic perspective and believe that the root of it all is nothingness.

White is the presence of all colors and black is the absence of colors. Black and White are two sides of the same coin, the same Truth.

Humans are both black and white. In our hearts, we are the wholeness of all the colors. In our minds, we are the absence of life ( a strange infinity ).

Exploring the void is the same thing as exploring emotions. We need to bring these topics down to Earth and use simple language…so the people who need the support and information, receive it.

Heart Awakening is the process of moving through the uncertainty and depths of the mental void to arrive in the heart, Unconditional Love and Abundant Infinity.

I’ve been studying philosophy, psychology, spiritual practices, sociology, physics, and art for quite some time. Studying these things helps me to explain how I feel, but it doesn’t help me FEEL or EXPERIENCE.

The experience of the heart is somatic, it is an all over the body journey.

What I’ve been trying to explain, for quite some time now, is something that cannot be explained. It can only be EXPERIENCED.


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