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Fear & Doubt Survival Kit

The thing about fear is that it’s a monster that eats away at you unconsciously.

Many of us are not aware of our deep psychological fears, societal anxieties, and personal development blockages.

Why? Why is that?

Some parts of the mind are designed to protect your from discomfort and pain. And you can go on living like this for some time, until a deeper part of you begs to be seen.

Eventually, your walls come crashing down and your fears are staring you in the face.

At first, you’re scared sh*tless.

And then some magical bliss and surrender happens.

You begin to realize that there is nothing to be afraid of, that your mind has magnified/amplified certain events for protection, and you are essentially free to perceive things how you wish to perceive them.

How to manage fear?

Talk about it….external feedback is a powerful tool (the basis of therapy). Many of our fears and the thoughts that are linked to them are irrational.

Feel it and observe it. Sometimes fear is excitement that you have misperceived. Some people get pre-party anxiety, and I think it’s actually excitement! I think we over-emphasize the negatives of physical sensations instead of transmuting them into productive guides. ( I use my fear to tell me where to be cautious or to observe where I have psychological blockages in relation to ventures or relationships)

Flow with it. Fear is a natural emotion…there is not one human who doesn’t experience fear.

I believe that fear is one of the most useful and powerful emotions for growth.

If we look at our fears or insecurities, we immediately receive answers for how to move forward in life and what needs to be done for manifestation.

The key is to not be afraid of fear, which is where most people get stuck! I get it though, our brains are literally set up to use the physical sensations of “fear” to prevent us from moving towards seemingly threatening or dangerous situations.


Doubt is an evolutionary emotion that developed in response to increased competition (survival challenges).

Doubting yourself, the people around you, or even higher powers is a form of self-protection.

Doubt is a sign of intelligence, because we wouldn’t have developed a prefrontal cortex without the reasoning or questioning of our position in society (self-worth)

Low self worth occurs when doubts regarding personal value outweigh purpose, positive qualities, and connection to life source.

Self-actualization is the process of observing negative and positive qualities evenly, not focusing on either one over the other. Objectifying subjective qualities and mindsets leads to an accurate perception of self, capacity for success, and grasp of reality.

One more thing…

I don’t think anyone thinks the things you think about yourself.


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