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Mental Awareness for Focus

We live in a world where everybody is trying to catch our attention. Phones, thoughts, ads, and sounds are constantly filling our consciousness.

Sometimes, I stop to ask myself whether what I am doing in that moment is the most important thing I should be doing.

This leads me to the topic of prioritization. This is the leading skill that will differentiate mental chatter form actual tasks that need to be completed.

Daily lists and schedules are extremely useful for maintaining mental clarity throughout the day.

But what if you’re a creative? What if your job is to sift through the mental chatter to extract solutions?

Well, then we need to look at a different plan.

As someone who spends part of the day doing digital marketing for myself and others and the other half of the day creating content, events, and copy for myself and others…there needs to be a switch button. The switch button is internal awareness of thoughts and mental activations.

Mental Activations

Creative ideas typically don’t come when we need or want them. For me personally, creative ideas or spiritual downloads pop in at random points of the day and they come from my subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is for planned tasks. And the subconscious mind is for creative solutions. I find myself switching between the two throughout the day.

I believe the answer to remaining focused when there are many conflicting tasks and thoughts is to breathe deeply and develop a sensitivity to the different activations that happen within the mind.

The same theory applies to triggered states. When we become subconsciously triggered, our mind-body enters a distressed state of perceived threat. The only way out of this state is through.

When we have distracting thoughts that do not relate to what we are currently doing, it is important to ask ourselves what part of the mind-body is activated?

When we become aware of and address these activations, rather than ignoring them…we are able to get back on track or to never lose focus in the first place.

Right now I am typing a blog post, listening to binaural beats, and I saw a message arrive into my phone. A part of my brain activates and tells me to check the phone immediately. Another part of the brain, the subconscious (creative) brain, is telling me to keep following these thoughts to complete this blog post. Another part of the brain is planning my commute to Brooklyn.

I have become aware of the activations in my mind and can now go back to calmly typing and getting my full message across without feeding into the distractions.

This has been my strategy for getting many projects in different fields (copy, photography, website, analytics, writing, digital marketing strategy) completed.


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