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Why do humans love drama?

Greek culture mastered the display of human emotions through theatrical performance, community driven politics, purpose driven conflict/warfare, and athletic competitions. The Hellenistic Period (323 BC-31 BC) set the precedent for the drama loving and sensationalist modern culture. It is interesting to observe how little human nature changes amidst technological revolutions and spiritual evolution.

Gossip prevents us from taking action in our own


Media and news confirm our powerlessness and inability to challenge violence and inequality, because that is how we feel inside. We fail to recognize that drama is a false substitute for emotional regulation and taking control of our individual lives.

Real healing happens when we see that the drama is inside of us.

Until we become conscious and emotionally mature, we will continue to live through the successes of people similar to us and the downfalls of our enemies (repressed parts of ourselves).

Drama is based on judgement, on a distinct right and wrong. But, when it comes to emotions, judgement only creates unresolved conflict and stored emotions.

If you want to rise above collective drama, you are going to need to manage those conflicting and oppositional energies within you.

For this to happen, you must remove the filter of judgement.

Then, you must accept that negativity exists within you.

Finally, you can neutralize the internal warfare by accepting both sides and validating their existence as a part of your individual human nature.

You will stop chasing toxic relationships, negative conversations in your mind, and visual manifestations of conflict once you challenge the notion that drama exists separately from your perception.

Your perception is what makes something dramatic, but the same situation can just as easily become "unnecessary conflict" when you integrate your inner work into your craft a new identity.


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