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Being okay with the process

Whatever you're doing, whatever you're creating, or whatever you're healing is always a process.

By process, I mean that there are multiple steps and draft versions that cannot be escaped.

Most people give up on their plans or dreams when they realize that things are multi-step, require time, and require a significant amount of personal evolution to achieve the final result.

What really messes most people up is overemphasizing the goal and believing that it will definitely lead to happiness.

I'm talking about creative projects, business plans, relationships, career goals, and just about any other human venture.

I don't drive yet and I'm 24, I never really had a reason to drive living in NYC. But people are constantly like, "You should do this right now. Why are you not doing this?"

I feel like that with most things.

I don't feel a rush to get things done, get married, have kids...although, I do want my own house lol. I don't see why I need to have six figures, dress like I'm going clubbing everyday, or post 4x a day so people know who I am.

Sorry, I prefer peace and alone time. I prefer going to coffee shops to eat veggie burgers and read books about middle aged women finding themselves.

I prefer to have a blog where I fully represent who I am and what I believe. It may not be Vogue, but it's important to me and the occasional reader.

I don't subscribe to hustle culture, even though I am naturally a hustler.

I think we all want infinite peace and joy. That's the goal. That's the real goal.

I'm enjoying the process of getting there. Sometimes I'm anxious, have a lot of things on my mind, or want to prove something to the world...but that's part of the process. I am trying to embrace it all.

I am human and so are you (hopefully the robots didn't get to this yet).

You can push your limits, organize your day meticulously, and strive to change the world all the time. That's okay too.

I also want you to know that you can choose the slow, long distance plan. You can choose to vibe with the universe and vibe with all the emotional experiences. You can hustle sometimes in between too.

It's all okay...just enjoy the process.


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Well said Liz, Thank you for this beautiful message. I am 47 years old now and when we 1st met I believe you were turning 21. Hope i am right lol, if not oops, but my point is this: with our age difference, you showed me that age is just a number. You taught me how to listen although I am older. Because of this I have more patience with my daughters and now I give them the opportunity to voice their opinion And hear before I react. They are both now 22. And 26 and I tell you we are more closer than ever youth. I learned so much from you Liz. I always said your soul is a…

Liz Soko
Liz Soko
Jan 11, 2022
Replying to

This is so inspiring to me...I know exactly who you are and learned just as much from you! I have a tendency to be stubborn and push my beliefs on people. It's always been hard being younger and carrying so much wisdom. But wisdom transcends personality and this is a perfect example. Sending you much love!

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