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Shifting Perspectives

It is scary, empowering, and kind of defeating to face the possibility of a new perspective in any situation.

The initial reaction is typically, “My whole life is a lie, what’s the point of everything I’ve been doing?”

This is normal, this is a natural response. In this phase, the ego turns against you because its viewpoint and attachments are threatened.

This dynamic goes for moral causes, relationships, personal development goals, business plans, and belief systems. We all experience many shifts of identity throughout our lives. Finding balance amongst these inner transformations brings us both strength and awareness.

When I was working in a corporate environment, attending a creative college, and living in Brooklyn…my life looked whole to an outsider. Inside, I felt this emptiness that followed me everywhere I went. And I felt it in the people around me too.

I learned and awakened to the fact that status and validation are the biggest contributors to delusion and suffering on this planet. Everybody was hustling and becoming successful, instead of becoming peaceful and focusing on evolution.

There were times when I questioned whether I was projecting my emotions on the way I perceived people, but I have come to understand and respect my intuition. There is a serious need for spirituality and connection that has come to permeate all structures, systems, and minds.

During this time, I felt my mind physically and spiritually transforming as a new perspective was being conceived and born. Confronting the unknown and understanding the concept of freedom were both part of the intellectual package.

The pain of transformation is inevitable. You will lose ideas and people. You cannot change your life without walking away from the way you have been living.

Know this and you will feel comfort wash over you…

”People love you, like deeply love you and wish the best for you. Even absolute strangers. And God loves you unconditionally”.

What more could you want? I realized that this is the absolute potential of what it means and feels like to be human. The delusions of modern society are like social media filters and boosted posts, they block us from seeing the truth.

This is the perspective that awaits many of us incarnated on this planet at this time. We all have these attachments to lower desires like food, water, and sex. Then, we also have psychological desires like power and self esteem. Finally, we have personal and universal human hindrances like judgement, control, greed, and the desire to be special.

The spiritual path is defined by these goals and so is the path of emotional maturity and psychological development.

The new age community calls the process by names like awakening, ascension, or enlightenment.

It can be as subtle or as deep as the universe plans for in regards to your relative experience and energy sensitivity.

Things that I found to be useful during my personal transformations:

-sharing my ideas with people and being open to feedback and debate

-spending time in silence or journaling

-using creativity to express my inner conflict and emotions

-studying spiritual and self development content

-yoga and meditation

-letting my mind cool off and form conclusions on its own, and even allowing my heart to have its own realizations

Some spiritual or energetic force inside of us begins to place pressure on our cognitions and projections until we have no choice but to confront the hard questions. It happens to all of us at various points of our lives.

This is nothing to fear, choose to remain curious and opens. Although this is difficult, you will begin to see that some things are just as they are and your meddling with them was the reason for much of your suffering.

Contact to work with me.

Anyways, love you guys

Liz Soko

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