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How to accept reality

It is no secret that the geopolitical climate in 2022 is far from ideal. In this blog post, I offer useful advice for anybody wondering how to accept reality and how to get out of denial.

Why do people deny the truth or ignore reality?

Most people are not aware of the fact that they are deluded. Their mind is protecting them from pain by placing invisible walls around what it (the mind) does not think is manageable.

This protective structure is often called the ego. The ego has gotten a poor reputation from the new age community. However, people without an ego or those who have an imbalanced one, cannot function in society.

Psychological trauma, lack of processing skills, and lack of support add up to create a really stubborn ego that blocks out anything that threatens its perspective on life.

In the spiritual sense, this is represented by a blocked root chakra. Most people in our society live in the root chakra or survival space.

A prominent side effect of living in the root space is the denial of reality. This can look like escapism, self sabotage, dissociation, and loss of identity.

How to accept reality

If you figure out how to get out of denial, you will simultaneously learn how to accept reality.

I already established that the mind protects us by ignoring or blocking out things, people, or situations that cause pain. Therefore, accepting the inevitable pain of our life and life in general will lead to an acceptance of reality.

Here are some ideas that can help you do that:

1. Think of emotional pain as equal to physical pain

When something in your body hurts or feels out of balance, you seek to treat the pain and heal the wound. The next time you feel rejected or emotionally triggered, use this situation to feel the pain and connect it to past situations where you felt the same way.

2. Develop awareness and resilience by seeing your pain as manageable.

Once you establish that emotional pain is an important and valuable metric of wellbeing (awareness) , you are ready to see pain as a growing experience. The understanding that even negative experiences can lead to positive realizations leads to resilience.

You have a pain threshold, the current metric of what you can manage. Not what your ego thinks you can manage, which tends to be very low.

As you develop resilience through a positive integration of negative experiences, you learn how to accept reality and how to get out of denial.


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