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A message for tough times

It’s 2022 and there are so many things wrong with the world. And some part of the human mind dreams of things coming to a finish, situations never repeating, and stories moving in a different direction.

We move through struggles due to the undying hope that promises a better future. And we keep moving this way, making innovations and creating plans.

Stop for a minute, take a deep breath. Stop to ask whether the plans and innovations that are meant to create the future are only repeating past mistakes.

Is there hope for a better future? Yes, but it’s not what you think.

A better future will begin to take form only when we sit with what’s present and embrace whatever that brings. We cannot move from past to future without the present moment, which is what we have been trying to do.

I think there’s one thing that’s scarier than death, and that’s uncertainty. The human mind fears the depths of the unconscious mind more than it fears annihilation.

To become conscious means to see the unconscious matter of one’s mind clearly. How many people are brave enough to do that?

Until that number increases, we will be stuck in a battleship game defending our fragile egos.

I have some wisdom to offer you, from my own experience and from my heart.

There is a force that will catch you when everything crumbles, deteriorates, and leaves you. A part of this force is your higher self, the messenger for divine wisdom and support.

If things just ended at the human ego, then there would truly be no hope. But for humanity, the ego is just the beginning.

Everything from here on out (I think) will be very subtle and psychological. Each individual will need to find his or her center by identifying their beliefs and connecting to the one source of all that is.

I also know for a fact that this (the healing process) is very intuitive and unfolds naturally if you allow it.

The route back to harmony is inscribed in your heart. And trust me, you will know.

You will have doubts, fears, and desires to turn back…but you will also gain awareness and power over these things.

It’s just you, it’s always just been you.

Love Liz


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