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Chaos is evolving into peace

People think the wilderness is the African safari, but actually, it’s New York City.

In city settings, our social engagement systems are constantly being re-adjusted by the shift of people around and the busy tasks being handled.

Stress hormones respond the same way indoors as they do outdoors, maybe even more, depending on your particular experiences in life.

I would like to remind everybody that repressing or even channeling animalistic fears and desires under the label of productivity reeks havoc on your endocrine, nervous, digestive, and just about every other system that facilitates any type of energy metabolism. Unless, awareness is a part of the equation…then I believe that Agni (inner fire) can be transmuted into material reality without the harsh effects of unrecognized stress reactions.

The world has been running on stress hormones for a hot minute now. And I am not sure if we will ever transcend the war-like nature of finding human balance. The pressure cooker is popping off, and what’s happening?

Well, people are finally taking accountability for their personal health and wealth. It was always going to take a nearly apocalyptic event to trigger that, and still the mass response is slow and apathetic.

People are learning about nervous system regulation, how relationships should function, what the connection between media and mental health is, and what kind of energy they function on. (Myself included)

When I write about things, I write about them because they are circulating through my own mind and are not merely observations, but visceral responses to environmental shifts.

I was once jaded, hopeless, and lacking in belief that a viable solution was accessible to humanity. We all go through our jaded years.

I found yoga. I found yoga hard.

Mystics and scholars predicted human development and evolution far beyond our little games with nuclear weapons, space travel, and biomedical engineering.

Sanskrit was the first recorded human language. Yogis had supernatural powers and methods of harmonizing all systems of the body before all the third chakra power games and patriarchal battleship agendas dominated human vision.

I have found that the best way to confront reality is to see it as a continuity of nature that goes deeper and deeper and deeper. Eventually leading to union with divine consciousness.

At our core we are divine beings, at the center of who we are is a glowing sphere of neutral energy.

I think we are evolving past the mind or coming into contact with deeper, more subtle layers of the mind.

The crude mind used to function kind of like a Neanderthal, “see, touch, taste, destroy, reproduce”.

The subtle mind understands certain concepts that make physical functions seem embarrassing and limiting. These concepts are to be discovered on an individual to individual basis.

One thing I can disclose is that an inverted consciousness (focused inside the body) will grant access to deeper layers of information and energy.

This has only been done by few individuals in the past who attempted to awaken truth in society, but failed due to the ignorance of the crude mind.

This time, the scale is much greater and much more universal. Collective consciousness is shifting to new heights and our systems are not ready for it. In fact, there is a big counteractive force pushing souls back into fear and unworthiness.

Human systems were built on bullying and extracting energy from others to proliferate personal resources and success. This is the root cause of all suffering. In yogic texts, this is called maya (illusion) and avidya (ignorance).

I will be working 1:1 with people who are ready to begin the shedding process and offering more meditations, ceremonies, and lessons on all my social media channels.


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