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Heart Awakening

We are looking into the abyss of existence as a collective. Some of us handle uncertainty and freedom fairly well. Others are struggling to grasp the idea of the unknown.

But, all of us struggle with transcending the mind to become the uncertainty, the experience, and the present moment. This, my friends, is going to be a massive HEART AWAKENING.

A part of the process is feeling like you are losing your mind, losing yourself, and losing all notions of what life should be. It is scary, it is really f*cking scary, but your soul signed up for this.

I know for a fact that my soul signed up hastily for the first line of combat in this spiritual war. And I wear that truth daily.

What I am trying to say is…I have experienced all of it to an extreme level, being a highly sensitive empath and intuitive. I have had the panic attacks, the sleepless nights, the strange rushes of energy, new phobias, physical aches/chills, and fear that I will not make it. My body had so much resistance to this new capacity for energy and high vibrations.

The human part of us is finally grasping hands with the divine part and this union is creating a plethora of physical, mental, and spiritual symptoms.

Nature is calling us loudly now, the plants seem greener, colors seem brighter, and life seems more meaningful. This is the middle phase of heart awakening.

Then, you go back down into the shadow to experience unresolved traumas, conflicts, and memories. You realize that they can no longer touch you or affect you if you look them in the face. This sends you into an ecstatic bliss where all your worries dissolve.

You will experience contractions and expansions in the heart space, you will feel your ego fighting back, you will find yourself entering the void where you don’t know the way the rules work, and you will continue to grow stronger and more authentic as an infinite being.

I am more or less on the other side of the process now as I have gained access to mind/body tools that allow me to stay grounded. The difficult thing I am working through and have been working through for awhile is accepting that I am an artist, that I do not need to be defined by numbers. This is also in the cards for the whole collective and I will continue to share about this topic.

I would like to suggest 2 medicines (naturally occurring and internal) that will help you in any emotional or spiritual crisis:

#1: Surrender

  • Your mind has already registered that something is wrong, your body or mind feels off

  • Your mind will continue to try to figure it out without resolve (may escalate in panic attack)

  • Your only option is to surrender to the energy, emotion, memory, or physical sensation (usually a side effect)

  • Detach from what your mind is telling you, find your heart and melt into it

#2: Vulnerability

  • Do not be afraid to talk to your friends about what you’re experiencing, as it will bring you closer and create a community

    • As someone who works in this space, I can tell you every single person is having similar experiences (some are more aware though)

  • Seek support or help from mental health professionals or trusted guides

  • Connect to spirit guides, deities, angels, or enlightened masters (they will bring your soul relief and answers)

  • Automatic writing-just start writing and you will find that your hand is more connected than your conscious mind

  • Get inside of the body (I believe that the body is the individual unconscious mind and everything is stored within it)

    • When we dance, do yoga, or workout…we actually tap into a different part of the mind, that offers depth and freedom


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