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How the Mind + Intuition Work

Every single one of us has the capacity to

become our own psychologist, spiritual healer, and thought leader. I think that is exactly what is happening to be honest, except many of us had grown overly reliant on external services, support, and addictions. There is nothing wrong with asking for support, but becoming too dependent on somebody else’s help will always lead to chaos and disaster.

Half of the population has a victim mentality and the other half wants power over the victims, because deep inside they feel like victims.

This is a crisis of the Inner Child!

As was revealed to me by my higher self and guides, everything originates from the inner child. The inner child is the archetype that symbolizes purity, curiosity, surrender, and devotion. It is so innocent and pure that it is incapable of defending itself, which is why the ego stands up in its defense through survival mechanisms. When the inner child feels fear, the ego gets triggered and creates unconscious responses that move the body. The final result is words, actions, or thoughts.

There is another route though…the intuition.

Your intuition is the part of you that is directly connected to the inner child and speaks in its language.

I have a theory that the highest self is actually the inner child and connecting to either of those leads one to a similar experience.

For so long, humans have functioned from the place of the ego…living out agendas of fear, power, manipulation, greed, and control. We must have compassion for ourselves, because this inborn part of the mind was designed to protect the inner child. So we cannot just turn against ourselves and blame the ego. It's all okay and it's all going to be okay.

Some people are aware of and in sync with their intuition from a young age and some of us need to do a significant amount of psychological introspection and spiritual seeking work before finding that connection. Whatever the journey may be for you, accept it.

Healing is not liner and the Highest Self functions outside of space time. But, I find that circular thinking provides the most expedited and conclusive understanding.

  • First we start with the inner child

  • Then, that part of us unconsciously react to an external or internal stimulus

  • Or, we tap into the actual inner child (intuition) and hear it’s deep message or direction through the intellect (active consciousness)

  • Finally, we move, speak, or think in a particular way due to our inner process (either honoring or ignoring the inner child and the emotions that go along with it)

  • But actually, you continue to move in the opposite direction (no matter which way you went).

Intuition + reasoning based thoughts and actions end up being double checked by the inner critic and the ego, finally culminating at the inner child. And ego based reactions end up being digested by the reasoning (intellect) and intuition.

All parts of the mind are necessary. And all of them are natural and human. Do not try to kill the ego or renounce anything that is lower vibration or lower nature.

Everything is working as it should…all parts are interacting as they should to ensure your safety. But, you can always become more conscious, more aware, and make better decisions.


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