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How to achieve a permanent state of bliss and contentment

We have been brainwashed into thinking things are either God or the Devil. All this has done is solidify fear based decision making and a doom-filled future.

We are a combination of the two. Every single human being has a propensity for evil and good. We make decisions as sovereign beings. The catch is that most people aren’t sovereign.

Until you have actively started to take your power back, you’re a slave to your mind and environment and your country's mind control strategies.

Buddhist Psychology

Buddhist psychology focuses on determining the relationship between the individual and the collective. Two ideas that are useful in finding contentment are:

  1. interconnectedness-the idea that nothing exists independently, all matter arises from other matter and all energy arise from other energy

  2. inter-being- there is no separation between the individual and the collective

If you take the ego or personal identity out of things, you begin to notice a subtle sameness that exists in all matter, people, and energy. There are different vibrations that separate us though. Once a seeker gets passed these false separations, he or she realizes that we are all ONE. Quantum physics will describe this phenomenon better than my subpar writing abilities.

Sustainable bliss and inner contentment occur when we surrender personal identity for the awareness of unity. Drug addicts, meditation teachers, and successful leaders will all tell you the same thing.

Yes, my personal identity is a sarcastic a.f. social media gal, but my awareness is the same as a flower’s or the mailman’s or the sun’s.

Nature bonds us to our essence. The yoga system calls nature Shakti and the essence that runs through it, Shiva.

Our essence is God.

The only way to achieve a non-temporary state of awareness is to:

-understand the interconnected nature of all things and accept that you are a part of that

-practice daily sadhana through meditation, reflection, philosophy, and yoga

-realize that what the Bible calls God and the Gita calls Supreme Consciousness is the source of your physical and energetic form


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