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How to protect your energy when you’re commuting:

Whether it’s a plane, bus, train, or any other moving vehicle that gets you from point A to point B; being in a closed space with other people can feel suffocating.

The pandemic made people more territorial, on edge, and frustrated with the way society works. Some of us have chosen to do the inner healing work that the external circumstances of the world reflected back to us.

Although, it’s good to work out some things in solitude; I am realizing more and more that the real work and growth happen outside of our comfort zones.

My comfort zone is my room with all of its lavender scents, crystals, notebooks, outfits, and desk setup. I just took the Big Five Personality Test and it turns out I’m a 98% extrovert. I cannot force myself to become a recluse when I’m clearly built for more social activities. That means I need to commute on the NYC transit system. Luckily, I also just passed my road test but nobody drives in New York City.

I forgot my phone at home one day on my way to work at a yoga studio and was forced to sit in the bare silence of metro suffering. I used to commute to college and work before the pandemic, but there is a stark difference in paranoia levels and overall depressive vibes underground from them till now.

Thanks for reading my creative writing portion, now for the applicable facts:

Ways to protect yourself while en route:

1. Bring your aura in and set up a protective shield

-when we are feeling happy or expanded, we can get too carried away and extend our awareness to people and things that we are not responsible for or have no control over (other people)

-imagine your aura is filled with gold, white, light blue, pink, violet (choose any color) light

-imagine that your colored aura symbolizes protection, love, and boundaries

2. Repeat a mantra as your breathe

-one that I like to use is, “I am in control of my experience” as I follow the inhale and exhale of my breath

3. Use scents

-whether it’s a familiar chapstick or an aromatherapy inhaler (I use the Vick’s one), a comforting scent can remind you of home or a calm place so you relax

4. Ask your totem animal, spirit guide, or angel to protect you

-it takes a lot of energy to hold up your field and constantly track how you are feeling

-let your guides and protectors defend you from incoming energetic attacks so you can focus on reading a book or listening to a song

I am super super energy sensitive. Sometimes, I feel my whole body shaking and getting chills when somebody’s negative energy enters my field. This helps me to reject that energy and set up my protective shield.

It requires a lot of practice and self learning to know the boundaries of your energy and to understand how it feels. Most people do not know that mood, perspective, and thoughts can be influenced by somebody else’s energy.

For a few years on my awakening path, I had no clue I was being attacked from all sides by negativity. I thought it was my fault that I was feeling that way. The more I began to understand my own energy, my intentions, and who I truly am; the more I learned how to separate other people’s drama from my own.

Energy protection is not a one time type of lesson. You must protect your energy whenever you enter a new space, especially a public one.

Love Liz

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Liz Soko
Liz Soko
Jul 24, 2022

Yes sure go for it!


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