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Sacral Chakra Activation

I write what I'm feeling, as in...whatever comes up along my evolutionary, healing path.

The sacral chakra is the second chakra and it is one I do not hear much about, or one that I address passively due to fears and hesitations. It houses the feminine energies of sensuality, creativity, birth of consciousness, and abundance.

The western world, although consisting of developed countries, lacks the abundance mindset. It thrives around the lack and scarcity mindset. If products and concepts were whole, fulfilled, and protected...everybody would stop working.

In your 20's, you probably questioned capitalism, hierarchy, and the purpose of life. That was the birth of your feminine awakening journey, whether you realized it or not.

When feminine energy arises, it tends to partner up with a revolutionary spirit and a norm defying perspective. This works for some time, until the individual realizes that this type of thinking is limiting and does not serve him or her.

Then, come the healing and finally, the integration phase. Of course, the process is nonlinear but I have made it so for the sake of understandable writing.

The sacral chakra opens up after the heart chakra awakens, the root chakra opens to facilitate trauma healing, and the solar plexus creates a heart based identity.

Blockages surrounding personal boundaries, energy protection, beliefs about sexuality, and living on the edge between consciousness/the unconscious arise around this time of self discovery.

The heart chakra focuses on surrender, but the sacral chakra focus on honoring human boundaries.

Its main message is:

Human life is a gift. It should be honored and enjoyed.

Exploring the sacral chakra can include:

-spending time in water (baths, long showers, hot springs)

-working with orange essential oil and the color orange

-enjoying sunshine

-elevating feet or foot massage

-sexual wellness practices (wink, wink)

-journaling or talking about what you want to manifest

Stay tuned for more spiritual self development content.

Anyways, love you guys

Liz Soko

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