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Take Space to Take Up Space

People, who retreat from society (think artists, writers, or scientists) and create their own sense of self, have an unmistakable aura of personal power.

All of us have been given a blessing, disguised as crisis. We have been given time and space for self-exploration and a deep inquisition into what it is we truly want.

Personally, I have found out who I am, what I wish to accomplish, and how I will interact with the world during this time. As a highly energy sensitive person living in New York City before Covid, I found that I was working extremely hard just to make sense of all the vibrations and people around me. It lead to a lot of confusion and distraction.

I discovered that I am half and half, extremely extroverted and also radically introverted. I need both, the people and the silence. Everything has a correct time and place.

I painted my room white, my childhood room that is. I decided to confront all the issues I have with my family, instead of running away to a foreign country. (Your problems follow you wherever you go).

I started probably like a dozen projects...a book, a podcast, a website, multiple social media channels, a youtube channel, a blog, hobbies, and more. To be honest with you though, I started to self-isolate six months earlier than quarantine because my intuition told me that I needed space and time to empower myself.

It has been a difficult journey, but I have zero regrets and only positive growth to show. So, I wanted to share some tips on how you can transform isolation into a period of fruitful self discovery:

  • The process of INTROSPECTION and HEALING includes the following parts...awareness, acceptance, forgiveness, and integration)

  • Repressed emotions, traumas, and energetic blockages will come up and your ego will become triggered

  • Your ego holds certain perceptions that have lead to the repression in the first place (so it will fight back)

  • You will need to surrender (medicine #1) to the divine or to the unknown, whatever you feel more comfortable with

  • It requires more energy to cling on to past situations and beliefs than it does to be open and empty

  • Vulnerability (medicine #2) will allow you to open up to the truth of your experiences, rather than the polarized understandings given to you by society

  • With practice, you will become more and more comfortable with exploring "negative" emotions of your shadow

  • Fast forward >>>>>you will forgive the people in your past for how they impacted your self-worth and you will see that these events needed to happen so that you could become the person you are today (presence)

  • When you take this time and space to explore your unconsciousness, you will become conscious but also more confident in your knowledge, skills, and ability to take up space in public setting

The FINAL GOAL: Give yourself nurture and compassion (divine feminine awakening), so that when you encounter rejection, triggers, or pain in the "real world", you can respond with same nurture and compassion. You are re-parenting yourself and giving yourself everything you were lacking, so that you can become WHOLE again.

All of my services are designed to help individuals during this process. Please reach out!

Anyways, love you guys

Liz Soko

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