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The Fear of Awakening

panic attacks, anxiety, and flu like symptoms can result from spiritual awakening

The fear of death feels finite, like the last fear to confront on the spiritual journey. But, there is a more potent, more limiting fear that inhibits expansion of awareness and destruction of limiting beliefs. That fear is fear of awakening.

Wired into our psyche is a finely tuned line of string that delineates the separation between the material and spiritual worlds. When that string is triggered, the animal within us feels the need to flee, hide, retaliate, or freeze. A reaction of some sort represents our inner fears and defensive behaviors. Except, that relationship also exists at the subtle psychic level and responds to our own thoughts regarding self and the external world. Essentially, we begin to react to our own thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

For some, it is easier to understand death and its verifiable truth, because it has been experienced through loss, sensory information, or experience.

Awakening, or loss of one identity in the favor of a more whole perspective, evokes an existential fear that is linked to survival. Sometimes, panic attacks, dread, and fear are attached to these experiences.

fear of awakening, surrender, spiritual awakening

If you were raised in a spiritually disconnected and materialistic society...the incoming realizations and ideas can throw you and your mental stability completely off guard.

So, where do we go from here? Especially, if awakening and intuitive uprising are happening on a large scale as I type these words.

We need to create support systems and accessible information for people in capitalistic societies going through this shift in perspective. Yes, it leads to love, unity, and self understanding.

But, the powerful force of awakening rarely moves the way we want or expect it to.

It breaks through blockages, it forces limiting beliefs out of the way, and it illuminates unconscious components of the psyche. A process which finally takes an individual to the threshold of heart chakra initiation (anahata).

If you are 100% sure that the shift within you is divine in nature, here are some things that can help you:

  1. Surrender- give up all your misconceptions about the spiritual awakening process, doing it the right way, and looking good while going through it

  2. Stay out of the mind and bring your awareness to your heart- focusing on thoughts and mental concepts can lead to overthinking, increased chaos/panic, and an overwhelmed state

  3. BREATHE- you breath will guide you through the process, and remember, the best thing you can do in the moment is assist Spirit by breathing through the transformations

  4. Pray- pray to whatever deity, guide, or angel that brings you peace

  5. Journal- write out all the realizations, conflict resolutions, and repressed emotions that may be coming up

  6. Connect with others- join facebook, reddit, and social media communities that provide external validation for what you're experiencing (this will help soothe the pacing mind)

  7. Go out into Nature- lay in the grass, walk on the beach, punch the whatever connects you to nature and the universe all around you

  8. Listen to calming music- binaural beats, frequency sounds, reiki music, and drumming can help you to find a steady rhythm within

  9. Talk to your family members- apologize, forgive, and ask your family members about your ancestry

  10. Seek counseling/therapy- this is a good time to begin your psychological healing journey, because all issues will be made apparent

I understand how scary it is when rapid change, paradigm shifting, and awakening take you by surprise. Understand that this is very good for you in the long run and you are being guided toward the light of consciousness. You are being shown the work that needs to be done and the destination that will be reached if you complete it.

Please reach out to me via email or social media messaging if you have any questions or would like to schedule a guidance session.


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