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Why Heal?

Trauma release, inner child healing, shadow work, codependency, emotional abuse, soul contracts, nervous system regulation, dance therapy, psychology, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, anxiety, existentialism, and psychosomatic healing.

Yes, I just whipped out a bunch of words that you have probably seen circulating social media. But, how do they apply to your life directly?

Many of us view these therapies and philosophies as modern luxuries or benefits of white privilege. Although, access to these services used to be an upper class method for managing human suffering and emotional growth....these methods are now accessible to the average citizen through technological advance and rapid information distribution.

Healing Grief

The path of healing, for those of us who were raised in materialistic paradigms, will unfortunately take us through the mind. We will have to confront and challenge both personal and collective belief systems. Whether it is racism, gender oppression, outdated sexual orientation models, self-sabotaging habits, or struggling with conforming to a fear-based model...we all have big plates full of assignments and chapters that need be read, understood, and completed.

Welcome to Earth School. We learn hard lessons here that manifest in the physical plane, which we then have to alchemize into positivity internally.

Some will say they have more to lose by exploring their subconscious patterns of thinking. But, these are the people who are highly attached to the fear-based, ego driven model. If some part of you feels afraid to confront unresolved issues within your being, chances are that your ego is pulling the feeling strings.

Healing will ultimately bring you inner peace, although there are many rungs on the ladder before you reach that unwavering bliss. Healing will show you the way to your true purpose. Healing will connect you to the people who matter and support you. Healing will allow you to see your suffering through the perspective of love and acceptance. Healing will create space for truth, authenticity, and self forgiveness. Healing will free you from the burdens of carrying so much weight around all the time. Healing will provide you with the tools to uplift future generations.

Healing will hand you the summary of your past and the guidebook to your future.


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